How this Integrative Health Coach Bridges the Gap Between the Healthcare System and Holistic Health Practices

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How this Integrative Health Coach Bridges the Gap Between the Healthcare System and Holistic Health Practices

Nalita Devi, an experienced health coach and physician assistant, is offering a revolutionary new program to provide long-lasting relief from chronic health conditions and mental fatigue in less than 90 days – no prescription drugs required.

Nalita Devi has designed this program after years of experience as a yoga instructor, NLP practitioner, and health coach. She understands the importance of identifying the root cause of any health issue and provides her clients with a specific strategy, allowing them to make dramatic positive mood changes quickly. Her program is specifically designed to help 30-55 year old female small business owners and career professionals who are dealing with chronic health issues, anxiety, and stress, and are tired of taking medications to manage their health conditions.

The landscape of medicine has changed dramatically since I left Family Practice in 2017. Science is recognizing that our biological health is more influenced by our emotional states than we previously acknowledged. High-stress emotional states, like anxiety or worry, deplete immunity, create critical hormone imbalances, and influence a poor gut biome,” says Nalita. She states that, “The key to solving these issues requires a lot of compassion and a focused, multidisciplinary approach to address the body, mind, and spirit.”

Nalita’s program helps empower her clients so they can take back control of their lives without relying on medications. With her combination of medical expertise, holistic approach, and compassionate coaching style, she provides her clients with the tools needed for lasting success in their overall well-being – mind, body, and soul alike.

For anyone looking for a fast, yet effective way to manage their chronic health issues without using meds, look no further than Nalita’s Innate Health Accelerator Program! For more information about this amazing opportunity, visit

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