Sugarscents offers multi-purpose hair sprays in a variety of delectable aromas.

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Sugarscents offers multi-purpose hair sprays in a variety of delectable aromas.

Sugarscents provides an innovative and fragrant alternative to dry shampoos and hair sprays that make hair smooth and silky.

The woman-owned scented hairspray brand, Sugarscents, offers a multi-functional line of hair sprays in various delicious flavors.

About the Brand

The founder and creator of Sugarscents Hairspray, Kimberly Hebert, spent 35 years as a grocery store worker in Washington state. She was inspired by the ’80s trend of voluminous hair, ultimately leading her to develop hairsprays that gave people shiny, non-frizzy hair and left them smelling fantastic. 

Despite managing her day job, three-acre farm, and family, Kimberly was dedicated to creating the hairspray of every hair enthusiast’s dreams. While working as a department manager at SAFEWAY, she took her self-funded ideas to the lab and began working on a product she could be proud of. Her efforts did not disappoint, and she eventually started her indie brand, Sugarscents Hairsprays.

Speaking to Kimberly herself, “Conventional hairsprays often leave behind a metallic, alcohol-scented smell that can be incredibly off-putting. I wanted to create a fix-all hairspray: texturizing, thermal-protectant, anti-frizz, and delicious-smelling. Our tried-and-tested formula allows it to replace dry shampoos, a quality unique to the Sugarscents hairsprays. Instead of having to layer one spray after another, you can use our multi-purpose spray and achieve the same results while smelling insanely good.”

Leaves Hair Shiny and Voluminous

The Sugarscents formula for its all-in-one finishing spray has been thirty years in the making. Kimberly’s experience as an avid hairspray consumer has made her knowledgeable about what one looks for in a good hairspray. The Sugarscents sprays give users shiny hair that retains volume and texture. Their specialized formula aims at being a dry shampoo alternative and heat and curls protectant.

Sugarscents Hairsprays are plant-based and entirely sulfate and paraben-free. They are created to leave hair shiny and smelling great while imparting long-lasting strength and moisture.

One major ingredient in the Sugarscents hairsprays is Panthenol, also known as Vitamin B5. Vitamin B5 is a water-soluble vitamin found in all living organisms and is essential as it helps turn food into energy. Hence, Panthenol is extremely beneficial for the hair and scalp, helping control water loss and leaving hair moisturized and revitalized.  

Panthenol is also known for its repairing and anti-inflammatory properties as it penetrates moisture into deeper layers of the skin. Sugarscents’ Panthenol-infused formula allows thermo-protection of the hair from heat styling appliances and sun damage.

The Sugarscents hairsprays are PETA certified, and their production is 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Furthermore, part of the proceeds will be donated to protect at-risk animals.

Variety of Delicious Scents

The hairsprays come in a variety of fragrances. Their Sugarscents Scented Hairspray Bubblegum is meant to induce nostalgia for better times with its delightful bubblegum flavor. The company currently only has bubblegum scent but plans to introduce mouthwatering scents like Lavender Cupcake, Cherries Jubilee, and Coconut Cream in the near future.

The Sugarscents sprays have multiple purposes. They can be used as a finishing spray by shaking and spraying it 10-12″ away to set hair before blow-drying, as a heat-protectant before straightening or blow-drying, or as an instant hair freshener in-between washes.


The Sugarscents hairsprays are all-in-one scented hair sprays meant to give customers shiny, textured hair that smells so good it has people turning heads. The company currently provides their spray in a delicious bubblegum flavor with other aromatic hairsprays on the way.

For further queries, please contact the company via the information listed below.

Media Contact
Company Name: Sugarscents Hairspray
Contact Person: Kimberly Hebert
Email: Send Email
Phone: 4253274352
Address:19220 32ND Avenue NW
City: Stanwood
State: WA 98292
Country: United States