CallPage Launches New Product to Boost Website Conversion Rates and Enhance Customer Engagement

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CallPage Launches New Product to Boost Website Conversion Rates and Enhance Customer Engagement

CallPage, part of the SaaS Labs group, is an established solution that helps companies improve lead acquisition and increase customer engagement. It has been widely adopted by over 1,500 companies, mainly in the European and US markets. Recently, CallPage has expanded its offering with an additional product that offers new methods for acquiring and distributing leads.

CallPage is an on-site lead capture solution and customer engagement platform that helps improve website conversion rates, increase the number of incoming leads, and reduce customer contact time. The solution enables businesses to connect with website visitors in real-time, engage with them, and convert them into customers.

The key feature of CallPage is its widget, which is placed on the website and allows visitors to request a callback from the business. Once a visitor fills in the form, the system automatically calls both the visitor and the business, connecting them in a live conversation. This enables businesses to engage with their potential customers immediately, improving the chances of converting them into customers.

CallPage also provides various customization options for the widget, allowing companies to match the look and feel of the widget with their website design. The platform also offers analytics and reporting tools, which enable businesses to track their performance and measure the success of their call campaigns.

“With CallPage, companies connect with website visitors in a matter of seconds at the exact moment when visitors’ buying interest is the highest. It’s perfect for today’s fast-paced world where time is of the essence,” says Bogdan Tyskyy, General Manager of CallPage, “We decided to simplify another form of contact. We know that our clients, like us, struggle with the appointment booking process. We thought it would be great if meetings could simply be booked by a potential customer when they are at that high point of purchase intent. Our new product, Meetings, allows potential customers to book appointments directly on the site through a pop-up window. With routing rules in place, leads are automatically directed to the appropriate team member on the company’s side.”

CallPage Meetings simplifies the process of scheduling a meeting by allowing website visitors to book an appointment straight from the side without the need for email exchanges. 

What makes CallPage Meetings stand out from other meeting scheduling tools is that it includes several innovative elements. First, it enables companies to create customizable meeting scheduling forms, display them on the website using pop up and personalize them based on various criteria, such as page visits, lead source, or previous interaction with the website. 

The tool also includes lead distribution rules that route incoming leads to the appropriate team members based on user responses. Additionally, Meetings can be used either as a standalone product or as part of the entire quick contact component, where users can choose to set up meetings, leave a message or order a quick phone contact. 

CallPage Meetings integrates with popular calendar applications such as Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, and online meeting platforms such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom, allowing businesses to manage their meeting seamlessly. CallPage Meetings also allows setting up offline appointments on the company’s premises, making the tool ideal for B2C business as well.

CallPage Meetings is now publicly available and part of CallPage subscription plans. The company provides a free trial that allows users to install and test the solution before the purchase. 

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