Valvepark: Trusted Partner for Cutting-Edge Valve Solutions in Advanced Fluidized Systems

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Valvepark: Trusted Partner for Cutting-Edge Valve Solutions in Advanced Fluidized Systems

Providing Total Solutions for Fluidized Bed Systems with Superior Technology 

As the range of applications of valves, which are essential for industrial machinery and devices, continues to expand, VALVEPARK is committed to continuous technology development to meet the demands of the times for high precision and reliability, and provides optimal solutions for various fluidic systems based on its rich technology in fluidic valves. We interviewed the company’s story.

Valve specialist Valvepark designs, manufactures, produces, and supplies various valves and valve parts, electric and pneumatic actuators, and accessories for sanitary and vacuum valves & fittings, plant valves, and butterfly valves, focusing on industrial valves made of stainless steel.

In addition, the company is committed to optimizing, stabilizing, and saving energy in systems through the selection of valves suitable for various fields based on its rich experience and track record. To this end, we provide one-stop solutions for optimization and customization of various fluid control systems by selecting valves through accurate sizing for flow, pressure, and temperature control based on customer requirements and fluid information.

Valve MV26(L) for stainless steel piping

Valves for stainless steel piping recognized by customers

The stainless steel piping valves are composed of manual valves, pneumatic valves for automation, and electric valves, with applications in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetics, semiconductor, secondary cell photovoltaic, solar thermal, petrochemical, and vacuum specialty industries. In particular, the company has been recognized for its technology and brand recognition by securing a deal to supply 6,000 units to Company L’s plant in Ohio, USA in 2021.

Valve for stainless steel piping AVE-03

The company’s products are available in 304, 316, and 316L stainless steel, and in the future, the company plans to increase production of valves using 316L, which is gaining popularity in the food industry for its eco-friendly features. 

“Stainless steel is composed of 304, 316, and 316L, and although 316L is more eco-friendly, many companies use 304 due to its high price. In Korea, 304 is mainly applied because regulations on stainless steel are weak. Currently, many developed countries have enacted laws requiring the use of 316L, which is more environmentally friendly than 304, so overseas companies are manufacturing products with 316L. In response to this trend, we will increase production of 316L valves.”

Valve AVP-10(D) for stainless steel piping

Zero rejects with strict quality control

As the range of applications of valves, which are essential for industrial machinery and devices, continues to expand and require high precision and reliability, it is important to select the right materials and specifications for the system in the initial valve selection. VALVEPARK is committed to preventing accidents and ensuring optimal system operation through continuous maintenance. ” VALVEPARK provides state-of-the-art technical services that can quickly respond to customer needs through differentiated technologies, and we challenge zero defects through thorough quality control such as assembly, material, illumination, and vacuum testing,” said Mr. Park.

The journey to streamline work has begun

VALVEPARK has been focusing on smart factories to streamline its operations, and the cloud platform was the first step. “We have an offline network that has been well received by our customers for a long time with high-quality products at reasonable prices. By converting offline data to online, we have created a platform where employees can immediately check and utilize the data from anywhere.” “By introducing a cloud platform to provide a smooth work environment, we are offering employees a turnkey solution to product selection, installation, and after-sales service online,” said Park.

The company also announced that it will relocate its office in Yeongdeungpo to Gasan Digital Complex to improve work efficiency. “Currently, we have a factory in Gasan Digital Complex and an office in Yeongdeungpo, which makes it difficult for employees to communicate with each other, so we have expanded our office and warehouse in the same location as the existing factory to provide smooth communication and quick service,” said Park Sang-ki, CEO.

Be a market maker, not just a company

Guided by our core values of integrity, people and quality, VALVEPARK is committed to our vision of being a leader in fluid control systems for 100 years, contributing to the environment and safety.

To this end, VALVEPARK will also carry out valve standardization projects. Mr. Park said, “Currently, the domestic industrial valve market is in a state of battle, with many companies competing with each other. However, Taiwan is unified in international standardization, which will make exports smoother. As such, we will strive to create an environment where we can establish an international standardization in the domestic valve market ourselves.” “We will continue to contribute to the development of the country by conducting various businesses and reach out to customers with improved products through continuous research and development, reinvestment, and human resource development.” “By practicing social responsibility through ethical management and contributing to the development of the country through exports, we will present sustainable growth and the right future value as a company that cares about the environment and safety.”

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