K.A. Bloch’s Powerful Poetry Collection Gather Seeds of Hope Offers Hope and Wisdom in Trying Times

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K.A. Bloch’s Powerful Poetry Collection Gather Seeds of Hope Offers Hope and Wisdom in Trying Times

K.A. Bloch’s Gather Seeds of Hope is a book of inspirational poetry that encourages readers to hold onto hope whenever they can and share it with others in need.

Our world is in crisis. With the pandemic, inflation, war, political polarization, and more, day to day life has become a struggle for many. In Gather Seeds of Hope: Poems, Prose, and Stories…With a Little Hope Sprinkled In, author K.A. Bloch presents an inspirational collection of poetry to help readers find hope, strength and courage in these trying times. Spanning a wide variety of topics from friendship, nature and love, to regret, envy and death, the collection encourages readers to turn within and understand how to approach life in a more positive manner. With radical candor and sincere honesty, this renewed self-awareness is designed to create immense transformational change –for the reader and those around them.

I want to tap into people’s emotions and have them feel something, whether evoking laughter or tears, or just being able to relate to the poems and prose. Also…to keep gathering up hope. I feel like our world needs that message right now,” says author K.A. Bloch. A bestselling, multi-award-winning author, Bloch writes with clarity and thoughtfulness, with a knack for taking deeply personal experiences and finding a way to make our lives better for them. With Gather Seeds of Hope, her goal was to touch the reader’s soul, bringing forth an air of lightness in these dark times. “In an often-challenging world, hope can be fleeting. People are losing hope and sinking into dark places, often feeling like they are all alone. My poems and prose will hopefully let them know they are not alone in how they’re feeling.” 

Bloch uses her unique experiences to illustrate universal themes that readers can understand and resonate with. The book’s commentary on surviving everyday disillusionment offers more than just a touching narrative. Bloch’s journey of growth and discovery is enamoring; it’s hard not to walk away from the book without fixating on her strength, resiliency and willingness to share kindness, joy, and love with others. In addition, Bloch’s writing takes it a step further and immerses the reader in a depth of emotion that is truly moving. Balancing deep topics such as regret and death alongside lighthearted subjects, this collection is thought-provoking, empathetic, deeply personal, and told in a very relatable manner. Readers will laugh, smile, gasp in surprise, or perhaps shed a tear as they experience a wide range of emotions with a goal of always finding hope in every situation.

Gather Seeds of Hope is the third book of poetry by K.A. Bloch, following Walk Through a Field of Flowers: A collection of poems and short stories inspired by life, love and some heartache along the way, and the multi-award winning Scatter Seeds of Kindness: Inspirational Poems and Short Stories about Life, Love, and the things that Shape Our Souls. As with her other books, Gather Seeds of Hope hits all the right notes, playing on the heartstrings of readers with its raw and emotion-filled prose. The book is available for sale on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Nook and Google Play. Whether you are a poetry lover or new to the genre, readers from all backgrounds are encouraged to purchase their copy today: https://www.amazon.com/Gather-Seeds-Hope-Stories-Sprinkled/dp/1662930550/

About the Author

Kristin first began rhyming words together at a very young age. Soon these words expanded into poems and stories that enchanted family and friends. A compilation of those writings was released in her first book, Walk Through a Field of Flowers. After a long hiatus from writing, she released her second book, Scatter Seeds of Kindness: Inspirational Poems and Short Stories about Life, Love, and the things that Shape our Souls . . . , which became a #1 Amazon Bestseller and received multiple book awards. She has worked with, and has been featured by, such groups as Book Excellence, Literary Titan, The BookFest, Reader Views (including their Inside Scoop Podcast), and as a guest on the syndicated Kate Delaney radio show America Tonight. Embracing her love of fitness, she is a certified personal trainer and certified Pilates instructor, and holds an MBA from the University of Phoenix.

To learn more, please visit: kablochauthor.com

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