Pickleballers Anonymous Uncovers the Reason Pickleball Is the Fastest Growing Sport in America

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Pickleballers Anonymous Uncovers the Reason Pickleball Is the Fastest Growing Sport in America

Apparel Brand Celebrates Pickleball Obsession with Humorous Gear & Sharing Flow State and Mindset Tips and Tricks.

Pickleballers Anonymous is a US apparel company that celebrates the obsession and positive addiction Americans have to pickleball. Founder Michael Muscari, avid pickleballer and Peak Performance Flow Coach, has applied his knowledge of flow state science to pickleball and has hypothesized that flow is the real reason people are addicted to pickleball and is a significant contributing factor to pickleball being the fastest growing sport in America three years in a row.

A flow state is an optimal state of consciousness when a person feels and performs their best. During a Flow state, the brain releases happy brain chemicals rewarding the mind and body for a job well done. Flow is considered one of the most pleasurable human experiences.

Flow research has shown that flow states are repeatable and are triggered by conditions such as deep embodiment, complexity, challenge skills balance, and complete concentration. All of these triggers are present in pickleball, Muscari says.

With this revelation, Pickleballers Anonymous has expanded its online offerings of humorous pickleball clothing to include sharing informative videos and articles to assist players in finding more flow on the pickleball court. Muscari believes this will help players advance their skills and find more enjoyment and flourishing on and off the court. More information can be found at https://www.PickleballersAnonymous.co/.

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