Composer Randy Edelman Releases A Classic and Epic Live Album: “Around The World in 80 Minutes” Via Tribeca Records

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Composer Randy Edelman Releases A Classic and Epic Live Album: “Around The World in 80 Minutes” Via Tribeca Records

Composer Randy Edelman Releases A Classic and Epic Live Album: "Around The World in 80 Minutes" Via Tribeca Records

On March 15, 2024…A million stars will be divided into the night sky all sparkling in unison with the release of world-renowned composer Randy Edelman’s monumental LIVE album “Randy Edelman: Around the World in 80 Minutes” via Tribeca Records. In an infinite playlist Randy celebrates his illustrious career while infiltrating a marathon of classic musical history as he performs as a solo artist amidst the venues in New York City and London, England. Quickly becoming a relevant and beloved solo artist, this album offers Randy’s stellar collection of peerless performances which is certain to satisfy lovers of classic vocal albums which makes it worth its weight in gold.

As one of the most prolific songwriters and lyricists ever to exist, the maestro penetrates the very essence of our soul with his burning passion and sensitivity, his compelling vulnerability and his celebrated romance in this 21 track album. It includes his own recorded and charted hits, “Uptown, Uptempo Woman”, “Comin’ Out the Other Side”, “Pretty Girls”, and his newest release the inspiring, ethereal song of hope for mankind “Everything Is Possible” which is currently being showcased on KISS FM, iHeart radio, NPR radio, Christian Hallelujah radio, The Voice and K-Love radio all across the nation.

Credited as one of the most formidable figures in modern music, Randy’s songs have been covered by some of the most iconic and prestigious artists in history. Inclusive in the album is a sense of musical historicism bringing music alive and making it more meaningful with songs such as “You” (covered by The Carpenters), “Isn’t It A Shame” (covered twice by Patti LaBelle and Hip Hop superstar Nelly), “If Love is Real” (covered by Olivia Newton-John), “The Laughter and the Tears” (covered by Dionne Warwick and Nancy Wilson), “The Woman on My Arm” (covered by Bing Crosby….the last song he recorded before his death) and of course one of the most popular songs ever recorded “A Weekend in New England” (recorded by Barry Manilow ). All of those songs and many more surprises are offered on this live album, including a teaser from an all new album with brand new creations from Randy never heard before and set to be released later this year.

When a director empowers a composer to carry a film, and not just simply tag along with it, a singular kind of musical comedy or drama emerges. Randy’s chameleonic abilities allowed him to challenge the genre barrier and create styles of music still not even labeled. His immense talent is also celebrated in over 100 TV and Hollywood film music scores whose medleys are performed live on the album. Some included are the southern theme from “My Cousin Vinny”, the comedic and romantic themes from “Ghostbusters ll”, “The Mask”, “While You Were Sleeping”, “Kindergarten Cop”, “Twins”, “27 Dresses” and more. His dramatic themed melange include “The Bruce Lee Story”, “Dragonheart”, the historic Civil War drama “Gettysburg”, “XXX” and “Last of the Mohicans” which earned Randy a Golden Globe nomination.

Randy’s song dyes the human soul with the colors of emotion. Music, with all its ethereality, has the most impact on the soul and the heart…..This classic album is encapsulated with human emotion, the echoes of history and the promise of a vivid and heartwarming memory. “We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they are called memories. Some take us forward, they’re called dreams”….Jeremy Irons. The music on this record is more beautiful than what dreams are made of. The melodies become the stories, and the song and the singer become one force…

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